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    February 2021 CHNewsletter

    “From Muslim to Catholic” By Zubair Simonson... 1 “ON THE JOURNEY — Is Sola Scriptura Scriptural? Part I: Authority Under the Apostles” By Ken Hensley.. 3 Joyful Journeys.. 7 Prayer List.. 8

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    January 2021 CHNewsletter

    “A Boomer Comes Home to Rome” By Jim Anderson … 1 “ON THE JOURNEY — Sola Scriptura & Foundations: Worldviews in Conflict” By Ken Hensley …3 Joyful Journeys… 7 Prayer List…8

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    December 2020 CHNewsletter

    “From Darkness to the Light of Christ” By Sue Hanna… 1 “Yet Another Christmas Greeting” By Marcus Grodi… 3 “Jesus Was A Jew: Understanding Jesus and the New Testament” By Steve Ray… 4