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    September 2020 CHNewsletter

    “To Whom Shall I Go?” — By Doug Beaumont, Ph.D. “Tradition” Isn’t a Dirty Word — By Dave Armstrong

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    August 2020 CHNewsletter

    “Finding My Way” By Dr. Cyprian Blamires 1 “Pope St. John XXIII: Apostle of Unity” By Msgr. Jeffrey Steenson 3 “COVID and Conversion” By CHNetwork Staff 4 Joyful Journeys 7

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    July 2020 CHNewsletter

    “From Agnostic to Baptist to Catholic: The ABCs of Conversion” — Ian Murphy “Finding Your Place in the Pew, Part 2″ — Mary Clare Miller “Deep in History & On the Journey: Two New Web Series from CHNetwork” — CHNetwork Staff