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    November 2019 CHNewsletter

    “More Than the Bible” — Mark Hausam “A Damning System of Works Righteousness” — Kenneth Hensley “The Similarities of the Mystery of the Church and the Mystery of Hell” — Marcus C. Grodi

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    October 2019 CHNewsletter

    “Searching For A Firm Foundation" by Kathy Faas “A Damning System of Works Righteousness” by Kenneth Hensley “Memorable Scripture Verses” by Matthew Swaim “Crossing the Tiber” by Giovanni Madriz Joyful Journeys

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    July 1993 CHNewsletter

    Convener's Corner — Marcus Grodi "How Should We Then Serve" — Marcus Grodi "I Never Wanted to Be a Minister's Wife Anyway!" — Marilyn Grodi